October 25 - November 3 2019!
October 25 - November 3 2019!

60 Seconds with Tour of the Valleys - New Events

We asked some of the newest arrivals to our Rotorua Bike Festival team to tell us a bit about their event and a bit about them... Jonathan answers Megan's questions below about Tour of the Valleys...


What is the best thing about your event?

The Annual Tour of the Valleys is a classic old-school fun-ride / race through beautiful, quiet undulating country roads through the Waikite Valley South-West of Rotorua. It gives competitive riders a great event to test their legs in, especially as two other nearby road cycling events (Bike the Lake and The Rev) have been cancelled this summer. With a shorter, 43 km option it is also a great way for casual or new cyclists to explore some new roads with friends.


What sort of people do you think would most enjoy your event?

Anyone aged 16+ (or younger with an adult) is welcome to ride. You don't need a flash road bike and mountain-bikes, tandems etc are all welcome. Anyone who enjoys riding and is keen to enjoy a few hours in the quiet countryside will love the event.


What do you like most about being a part of the Rotorua Bike Festival?

Cycling Rotorua jumped at the chance to fill the gap created by the cancelled Bike the Lake because there is so much more to Rotorua cycling than mountain-biking. We have a fantastic network of excellent cycling roads on our doorstep, and are keen to showcase this to local and not-so-local riders. The Waikite Valley can be hard to navigate if you don't know the roads, so this is an excellent chance for people to explore the area with marshalls and guidance.


What is unique about your event that none of the other festival events has?

This is the biggest official road cycling race/fun-ride on the Bike Festival calendar, and one of the more accessible ones - no crash pads required!


Is there anything else you would like everyone to know about your event?

At a time when most road cycling events are run professionally, with entry fees close to or exceeding $100, this is a classic club-run event that offers superb value for money.


Tell us a bit about you/the team as event organisers.

The event is run entirely by members of Cycling Rotorua, the Rotorua road cycling club. So we need volunteers to help! (Contact Jonathan Dodd if you can help)


Who are the rad businesses that support your event?

Cyclezone are our annual event sponsors and they provide a generous swag of spot prizes each year.


Click here to learn more about Tour of the Valleys.


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