October 25 - November 3 2019!
October 25 - November 3 2019!

Fresh ideas for Bike Festival sought from community

The organisers of the Rotorua Bike Festival are holding a public forum to help ensure the popular festival continues to be a vibrant and successful community event for Rotorua.


The annual event is held over 10 days and includes around 25 individual events and attracts around 5,000 cyclists and countless spectators.


Rotorua Bike Festival Trust Chairman, Dave Crowley, is focused on keeping the festival fresh and exciting.


“As we start planning our 6th festival we want to have all the ideas on the table about how we can continue to provide good, fun events for all parts of our community. As the festival grows we want it to get better and better and have more appeal to more people.”


The Trust encourages anyone with an interest in the Rotorua community to come along to the public forum including cyclists, spectators, health & wellbeing promotors, clubs, retailers, councillors, education providers, tourism operators and the like.


Crowley continues “Whether you have or haven’t been involved in the Rotorua Bike Festival before, we encourage you to make the time to hear what the festival is all about and share your ideas. We would like to extend our reach into the Rotorua community so more people can share the joy of the 10 day festival that many people already get great enjoyment from.”


The public forum is on Tuesday May 16 at 7pm at the Quality Inn at 237 Fenton Street. Tea, coffee and refreshments will be provided. If you have any questions please contact the Forum Faciliator and Rotorua Bike Festival Trustee, Jonathan Dodds on 021 538 634.