October 25 - November 3 2019!
October 25 - November 3 2019!

Information for Businesses

Rotorua is a cycling town, but not every business here is in the biking business. The Rotorua Bike Festival Passport has been developed to allow local businesses to connect directly with Rotorua Bike Festival participants and spectators.


The app is based on mapping functionality, which shows users where they are in relation to your business, so they can purchase from you and automatically enter the draw to win prizes. You can also provide special Bike Fest offers through the app to further entice users to pay your business a visit!


This year, we have teamed up with GrabOne. GrabOne.co.nz is part of our media partner, NZME. Alongside brands like The Hits, Rotorua Daily Post and Flava, they allow us to market the Rotorua Bike Festival directly to the entire North Island, and we can measure the success of that campaign (pretty cool huh?). Furthermore, the campaign we run with them will allow us to capture a whole heap of subscribers to our passport programme, which strengthens it's use in future years...


How does it work?


Basically, you run a Bike Festival Special on GrabOne (no upfront cost... You will pay a commission on each sale of your offer). You will go out to GrabOne's channels, as well as on the Bike Festival passport as in previous years. A Bike Fest rep will roll around with a QR code for you before the promo starts so people can stamp their digital passports and you'll also be set up to redeem your GrabOne vouchers. GrabOne have given us $2,000 worth of vouchers as prizes this year, so unlike previous years, there is no need to provide a prize.


How long does the passport run for?


The 2018 passport will be active from the launch of our GrabOne campaign on the 14th of October through to the end of the festival on the 28th of October 2018.  


How much does it cost?


GrabOne charge a commission on sales, so there is no upfront cost. The benefit you are providing the festival by listing on GrabOne is that they have reinvested a portion of the money back into our prize pool. The cost structure of GrabOne allows us to maintain the cost-neutral objectives we have built the passport on originally. For more information, email Megan Dimozantos.



What do I get?

  • An interactive method of engaging with festival-goers

  • Nearly a full month of promotion to a North-Island wide audience, as well as our own festival channels

  • The opportunity to make special offers to participants

  • Logo on the Rotorua Bike Festival Website and the Passport Web app with a direct link to your business website

  • Show your support for the Rotorua Bike Festival, a growing community festival

  • Results that are completely measurable


How do I get involved?

  1. Click here to complete the online form

  2. You will then recieve acall from GrabOne to line up you special offer

  3. Your business will go live on the site and you will receive a poster from us with a QR code on it to display at your point of sale.

  4. When passport users come in, all they do is scan the QR code to register their purchase at your business


Still got questions?

Email Megan Dimozantos