October 25 - November 3 2019!
October 25 - November 3 2019!

Outdoor Movie Night in the Redwoods

Outdoor Movie Night in the Redwoods!

Sunday 21st October



There will be two spots that people will gather at, and we will bike to our secret location from there. One will be Lynmore Tennis Club and the other will be the Rotorua Crematorium & Cemetery.

This is only for members of Young & Local, a social group for peeps aged 25 - 35 (ish). We are going to set up a generator & projector in a secret spot in the Redwoods - which you will only be able to access by bike. Don't worry: minimal fitness is required. We will be meeting at two different locations outside of the forest and biking in to X marks the spot. We'll have our secret spot set up with a couple of beanbags, bunting, lighting etc - and put on a movie. Ticketholders will get to vote on the choice of movie. Feel free to bring what you want - camping chairs, picnic blankets, food etc, but what you take in must come in on a bike and also out of the forest with you. Keep an eye on the Young & Local facebook page to find out how you can get tickets (fb/youngandlocal). The last time we proposed this event it was seen by 118,000 people around the country and 4,100 people were interested in attending (and the council had to shut it down!). So we've got to keep it on the DL with limited tickets and under the radar, but make sure you don't miss the event of the year!


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