October 25 - November 3 2019!
October 25 - November 3 2019!

Proud Local: Connor Hamilton

Connor Hamilton
How young are you: 18 ch 3

What kind of biker are you: Downhill mountain biker.
Competition highliights: 5th Junior, 2014 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships, Hafjell, Norway 2014, 5th Junior, UCI World Cup, Cairns, 2014: 2nd Junior UCI Oceania Championships, Mount Hutt, 2014.
Team:  Commencal, Oakley, Marmot, Troy Lee Designs.

Photo: Alick Saunders (www.alick.co.nz)

Why are you a Rotorua Bike Festival Proud Local?  
Because we have one of the best forest in the world, as well as the full biking community. I just want to keep making it bigger and better.
What have you enjoyed about the first two festivals and what would you say to people to get them involved?
The festivals are awesome because you don’t have to be an expert rider to compete in most events. Everyone is there for a good time. The atmosphere at each event, including the little ones, is just amazing.
What events will you enter?
This year I'd like to have entered Bike Speedway, National Championships Downhill, Pump Track and some of the new ones coming into the festival. But, unfortunately, I broke my wrist competing in the NZ National Series down south. I’ll be there, hanging out and cheering everyone on.
Whats the best part of the Bike Festival for you?
The vibe at each event. Everyone’s chilling out watching or having a laugh or competing. It’s super fun.
What are your favourite places to eat and drink in town?
Favourite place to eat has to be  Zippy Central cafe or Katsubi Sushi - and the best place to drink is some where on Eat Street.
What would your perfect Rotorua weekend be?
Dream weekend in Rotorua would be flying into Rotorua on my private jet. Then a ride in the forest Midday, when it is too hot, head out to the lakes or river with Victoria Secrets models and go swimming or head out on the boat. Then after boating/swimming, head into to town for dinner somewhere and head home with all the models. Repeat, the next day!!
Whats your favourite hidden hot spot in Rotorua?
Okere Falls.
Aside from biking what do you do in Rotorua to relax and what do you do to get your adrenaline pumping?
To relax, heading out on the boat on the lake with music is always a good relaxing time.
To get adrenaline pumping, I listen to some hard out rap music and watch mountain bike videos or go  white water rafting.