October 25 - November 3 2019!
October 25 - November 3 2019!

Proud Local: Dave Donaldson

Who are you: Dave Donaldson

How young are you: 65dd

What’s your profession: Rotorua Lakes Councillor

What kind of biker are you: An old one

Competition history:

Career highlights include: 1st in Masters grade [3rd overall] 1999 Kaimaikaze, NZMBA Masters XC Champion 2000 national series, 11th at 2001 UCI World Masters XC in Bromont, completed course at the Inaugural UCI MTB Marathon World Champs, Lugano 2003, Tandem winner 2013 Redwoods Coast

Team/sponsors: A privateer these days.
Photo: Alick Saunders (www.alick.co.nz)


Why are you a Rotorua Bike Festival Proud Local?

Because the festival demonstrates that Rotorua has come of age as the world’s premier year round mountain biking resort.  That’s come on the back of a lot of hard work by a passionate biking community, is great for our economy, and that makes me proud.

What have you enjoyed about the first two festivals and what would you say to people to get them involved?

The degree of fun and excitement enjoyed by people aged 2 to 70+, and you can get that from just spectating or better still volunteering, but there’s an event for everyone who can ride a bike.

What events will you enter?

I'll be at the Runway Project,  Bike Speedway, the Family Fun Ride and I’ll be there to watch heaps of others including the 16” Dual Slalom Worlds which will be epic.

What’s the best part of the Bike Festival for you?

Seeing our community and visitors alike having fun on bikes.

What are your favourite places to eat and drink in town?

I’m a hunter-gatherer-cook so you’ll often find me stalking the aisles of Pak n Save for ingredients.   I mainly drink coffee and water and mainly at Capers Epicurean, the Waipa Store and Zippy Central [coffee] or the water taps on Pipeline Rd when I’m out and about.  
In a hurry or when out with wife Shreeve and friends I graze widely.   We are spoilt for choice in Rotorua and in the past 12 months I’ve eaten out at the Market Kitchen and Stratosfare at Skyline across to the Waipa Container Store and  more than a dozen wonderful eateries in between.  
I love the Thursday Night Market for a meal on the run.

What would your perfect Rotorua weekend be?

One without emails, but with some dirt trails and a hot pool featuring.

What’s your favourite hidden hot spot in Rotorua?

Okere Falls Store – so laid back, or my vege garden, tough choice.

Aside from biking what do you do in Rotorua to relax and what do you do to get your adrenaline pumping?

Relax - Pilates breathing exercises

Adrenaline - Te Ranga track or better still K2.

Anything else?

No thanks – time to ride!