October 25 - November 3 2019!
October 25 - November 3 2019!

The Great Electric Bike Challenge

Sunday 21st October

1.00pm - 4.00pm
Government Gardens
Cost TBC

Rental bikes are available on site.


The Great Electric Bike Challenge is open to all ages and abilities, all you need is an Electric Bike. You will be given a list of locations, objects and information to bring back to the finish. A map will be provided so you can decide for yourself how to get to the different places you need to go to gather things to complete your list. It is not a race so you can complete at your leisure so long as you are back to base by the close off time.


All correct entries received will be eligible to become the winner of the Great Electric Bike Challenge. There will also be spot prizes for other lucky entrants.


For more information:


Email Fiona


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